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~Goddess Gillian Recommends Energy Tools~

These are the tools that will help you Manifest Your Reality Every Day!!

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Products for Enlightened Living

We understand that living your best possible Life is of the utmost importance. Everyone wants to experience overwhelming happiness and joy! We can show you how to use your powerful mind for creating the life of your dreams, and provide you tools to make it easy!  

Create Your Dream Life

Our products will make it easy for you to create and manifest the life of your dreams using the fundamental principles of mind reinforcement and the mind over matter phenomenon. We offer fun and simple tools for creation and manifestation!

Our Promise to You

We care about your well being and will provide you with guidance, knowledge, and tools to Manifest YOUR Reality Every Day! We are here to help you achieve the life of your dreams! 

Our Energy Tools

Energy Trainers


Our mind chatter creates neuro- pathways in our brains that are like grooves in an old record album. These neuro-pathways force us to repeat patterns that manifest our reality! Sometimes these can be negative patterns. Use our Energy reinforcement tools to create NEW & Positive patterns that will help manifest the life of our dreams!! 

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Energy Changers


Science has shown that the molecular structure of water is effected by  thoughts, words, ideas and music. Water comprises over seventy percent of the human body and covers the same percentage of our planet.  Use Energy Symbols to change the energy of your water and your environment and change your life for the better!!

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Energy Threads


Science has shown that the molecular structure water is directly effected by words when placed on a container of water for any length of time. Since the human body is over 70% water,  wearing clothes or sleeping in sheets with positive words will immediately change the molecular structure of the water in your body! This will help you retain a higher vibration which will give you more power to manifest the life of your dreams! 

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